ISSUE #40                    


- "Conference Recap: The 2000 Hockey Conditioning Conference"
- "Speed Development with Coach Mike Boyle"



From June 9-11, New York Ranger Strength Coach Scott Livingston and his company "High Performance Consultants" hosted the 2000 Hockey-specific conditioning conference in Montreal. Here are the highlights...

Mike Boyle - Former strength coach of the Boston Bruins, Coach Boyle now runs his own conditioning center near Boston, MA. If you want to get faster, go to Coach Boyle! His methods have helped Cam Neely return from injury and he has also helped produce some of the fastest guys in the NHL. Coach Boyle shuns tradition and does speed work and leg training EVERY day.

Scott Livingston - A former Athletic Therapist, Coach "Scotty" addressed the groin and abdominal areas for injury issues. He suggests prevention can occur by incorporating proper resistance exercises and by evaluating athletes for strength & flexibility imbalances.

Peter Friesen - The Carolina Hurricane's strength coach stressed the value of massage for his athletes in the arena of recovery. Pete, also a PT, suggests manual massage with the use of foam rollers. Any athletes suffering from muscle aches and psychological overtraining should look into manual (self) massage for relief.

Craig S. Ballantyne - What a dynamic, fantastic, intelligent, and educational speaker addressing the issue of Aerobic and Anaerobic demands of hockey and recommended training routines. Briefly, hockey is a hard anaerobic-interval sport in nature but a great aerobic system will benefit any player. Just make sure to allow yourself time to develop speed, strength, and other important aspects of the game as well. This presentation is available in PowerPoint by emailing CB ATHLETIC.

Sean Donnelan - Thanks to Sean (Strength Coach of the Islanders), we got to appreciate the stressful schedule of the coach in the NHL. He offered some good advice on getting results during a busy schedule and with limited time and resources.

And some of the others in attendance...

Randy Lee - Strength coach of the Ottawa Senators, Randy helped the team earn 95 points the past season. Coach Lee is a firm believer in the use of tools such as medicine balls and MuscleTech sport supplements to help the Senators achieve success.

Robbie Adams - The "Big Dog" from Louisiana! Coach Adams, also the team's athletic trainer, works with the Lafayette Ice Gators (ECHL) and brings a unique Southern perspective to hockey conditioning and everyday life.

Unfortunately there will not be a 2001 edition of this conference.


There are only 4 workout days, Monday through Thursday. Each day starts with power and speed work first. You can not do plyometrics, hang cleans, or good foot-speed drills if you are fatigued from squatting, bench pressing, or aerobic exercise. Each day begins with foot-speed drills and dynamic flexibility movements to prepare the athlete for speed drills and plyometrics. 

After the athlete has worked explosively they perform a 60-minute (maximum) strength workout. Coach Boyle focuses on Olympic lifts (see ISSUES #29 & #30 for detailed instructions on how to learn them). Exercises are paired to get more recovery prior to the next set and Boyle also splits the leg into hip extension exercises (deadlifts) and leg push exercises (squats) in accordance with the Ian King philosophy. Functional upper-body training is performed, with limited single-joint bodybuilding exercises (i.e. dumbbell curls).

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