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Variety. Change. These are the words that you often hear a trainer say to clients that are seeking to gain muscle and strength. But how often are radical program changes recommended to people looking for fat loss? It's more often the case that the person simply is told to do more and eat less. Unfortunately, the results are never of the same magnitude as the increase in exercise or decrease in calories. A wise trainer will take the variety "principle" and apply it to fat loss.

A training adaptation is what your body makes in response to the training stimulus. If you consistently lift heavy weights, your body will respond by adding muscle (provided you supply the necessary nutrients). The problem is that your body rapidly adapts to training. Now the gains from that once successful program will diminish, suggesting that your training variables should be changed regularly. But this makes perfect sense. If you ask your body to lift the same weight week in and week out, your body will only change enough in order to meet that demand. Your body is very smart and efficient.

So in order to maintain continual improvement in body composition changes you must continually change your program variables. Constantly changing your exercises, the number of sets and reps for each exercise, and other variables all demand your body to adapt and expend more energy (and fat) to get used to it.

For beginners, you may be able to go 4 weeks (or more) before totally adapting to a program and reaching the point of diminished returns. In contrast, advanced trainers may need to severely adjust their programs within as little as 1-2 weeks in order to maintain fat loss. The advanced trainee's body has simply become too efficient in a low-calorie state and just won't drop any more fat unless the training demand exceeds the body's efficiency.

For the veteran of fat loss programs, after you have put together an effective workout design, stick with it for a maximum of 3 weeks. Then change. Even if you are not experiencing a plateau in fat loss! Your changes can be as simple as changing the technique for some exercises, the length of your rest intervals, or the number of sets per exercise. You can also choose to be more radical and completely change up the type of workout you are using.

Take a look at "Turbulence Training" (below) for a demanding program that may allow you to keep more strength than you ever have before during a fat loss program! It is designed very similar to the most successful fat loss programs currently being used by some of the top trainers. However, it is less demanding on your ability to stop from puking and is focused more on allowing heavy resistance to be used. The heavy resistance will promote protein turnover and a better body composition, all the while keeping your strength at pre-fat loss levels.

If you keep changing, your body will go crazy burning calories to keep up. Why? Well, a recently released study concluded that, "Resting metabolic rate is related to protein turnover". This study found that young people with more muscle seemed to have a higher resting metabolic rate. So if you add muscle, you will increase your metabolism (see ISSUE #79 for precisely how much you can change your metabolism by increasing your muscle mass).

More precisely, the study found that metabolism is related to protein turnover. Protein turnover can be stimulated by activities such as heavy resistance training and interval training. In fact, the harder you train, the greater the protein turnover. That's why you will get better results from performing sets of 6-8 than you will with sets of 12 or more. This has been known for quite a while now. Refer back to ISSUE #66 when CB ATHLETICS reviewed this relevant research study from the 2001 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine:

Thornton, K., et al. A comparison of two different resistance-training intensities on exercise energy expenditure and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

If you are looking for a great mode of exercise that will improve your body composition, resistance training may be for you. In this study, females currently training with weights underwent 2 individual weight workouts at different intensity levels. In session 1, they performed 2 sets of 15 repetitions (for 9 exercises) while in the other session they performed 2 sets of 8 repetitions (for 9 exercises). The results showed that the high intensity resistance training (2 sets of 8 repetitions) resulted in greater overall daily energy expenditure.

The bottom line: Heavy resistance training has long been under-rated by those seeking to lose body fat, however it is likely the best type of exercise to improve your body composition because it promotes both energy expenditure and muscle growth!

Don't get caught up in thinking that "cardio" is the most important aspect of a fat loss program. Many successful trainers know that weight training and nutrition are far more important. On the other hand, interval training is an amazing adjunct to a fat-loss program focusing on resistance training. Late-breaking research presented at the 2002 Ontario Exercise Physiology Conference showed that "Intense exercise increases use of free-fatty acids after exercise during glycogen resynthesis". This suggests that in the recovery period after intense exercise, the body will depend more heavily on fats for energy while it replenishes muscle glycogen.

Research conducted by Dr. Angelo Tremblay at Laval University in Quebec has shown that high-intensity interval training is up to 9 times more effective for fat loss than continuous low-intensity "aerobic" training. All athletes, fitness models, bodybuilders, business executives, and anyone else looking to "GET LEAN" should use high-intensity interval training to lose body fat and maintain muscle.

So forget about hour-long stationary cycling workouts when you can get the same or more fat-burning benefits in 20 minutes. Exercise intensity is the most important factor determining post-exercise energy expenditure and fat loss success! After a 5-minute warm-up, follow this sample beginner's protocol:

* Start at 15 seconds of intense effort (90% of your maximal pace).

* Follow that with "active rest" (~30% of your maximal pace) for 2 min.

* Perform 3-6 intervals.

* Finish with 5 minutes (or longer) of moderate intensity exercise.

As you become more advanced and accustomed to intervals, progress to:

* Increase your intensity to 95-98% of maximal pace (always hold a little back).

* 30- to 60-second intervals with only 30- to 60-seconds active rest.

* Try to keep your active rest the same length or longer than your work interval.

* Perform 6-12 intervals per session.

* Finish with 5 minutes (or longer) of moderate intensity exercise.


Tremblay, A., et al. Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism. Metabolism 43: 814, 1994.



Intelligent trainers have long been using successful fat loss programs that involve circuits of resistance training, rather than the use of aerobic exercise. These programs have become very popular because they work. The precise physiological explanation as to why they work so well is debatable, but it is the bottom line that counts. You lose fat! I have heard nothing but great things about the results from these programs (although some have found the training method to be very uncomfortable). There are many rave reviews on the Men's Health message board.

Proponents of these programs claim that the heavy resistance circuits cause the body to release growth hormone in large amounts. While the role of growth hormone in the body is clear (it helps muscle growth and fat loss), there is no good evidence that the increase in growth hormone from this type of training is responsible for the changes in body composition. A better explanation for the effectiveness of this program is the overall metabolic disturbance that it applies to the body. Growth hormone or no growth hormone, you are going to lose body fat.

In comparison, the effects of aerobic training are simple. You burn calories while you are doing it, but once activity ends, that is it. No mas. No more calories burned and definitely no muscle gained! However, when you create a metabolic disturbance in the body, such as that which occurs from muscle damage invoked by resistance training or from intense interval training, you will have a more potent stimulus for change in the structure of your body. That is, you should have a more potent stimulus for fat loss and muscle growth.

?Everyone's familiar with the term "turbulence" as it applies to flying. You know to buckle your seatbelt when you hit turbulence because the airplane has to work very hard to re-position itself in the air. This is the same theory behind "Turbulence Training", a combination of resistance training and interval training designed to lead you to the promised land of single-digit body fat.

Resistance training causes protein turnover. High-intensity interval training causes a great deal of metabolic disturbance. Much more so than a single bout of aerobic exercise performed at submaximal intensity. As for exercise choices, you need to concentrate on the basics. There are no shortcuts but a consistent effort will bring you results. Don't think that "cutting exercises" such as pec-deck, biceps curls, and leg extensions should be the focus of your weight training. Exercises that require a lot of muscle mass (presses, rows, squats, and deadlifts) expend the most energy and signal the body for growth and repair.

?Here are the principles to follow for the "Turbulence Training":

1) Train 3 days per week. Alternate between Workouts A & B.

2) Each workout will be resistance training followed by Interval Training.

3) Perform 2-4 sets per exercise and 6-8 repetitions per set.

4) Pair "non-competing" exercises in supersets.

5) Rest 1 minute between exercises.

6) *Perform 2 warm-up sets.

7) Conclude each workout with Interval Training.

8) Change the exercises in the workout every 3 weeks!

9) Visit www.TurbulenceTraining.com for more Turbulence Training workouts.

10) Get your nutrition together! Decrease your calorie intake by eliminating processed carbohydrates and some saturated fat from your diet.


Workout A - Hamstrings & Upper Body Push

* *Stiff-leg Deadlift

* *Bench Press

* Reverse Lunge

* Shoulder Press

* Intervals: 6-12 sets.


Workout B - Quadriceps & Upper Body Pull

* *Full Squat

* *Pull-ups (or Chin-ups)

* Walking Lunge

* Back Extension

* Wide-grip Seated Row

* Cable Ab Crunch

* Intervals: 3-6 sets.


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