The GET LEAN program has helped me immensely. I've lost body fat, regained my energy and built a solid foundation of strength. More importantly, my self-confidence has skyrocketed while both tension and stress has plummeted.

Glen Rairden, Actor


With tips on training from CB ATHLETICS, I have been able to decrease my body fat, increase muscle mass and follow a more balanced diet. Having a very hectic executive job, the training tips have helped me to work out more effectively. All of this has lead to a healthier lifestyle, body and state of mind.

Dion Guerin



With the GET LEAN program I've lost 4-5 pounds and reduced my waist size. In addition, I have gotten stronger and my performance in the gym is noticeably better. The diet and supplementation changes have really helped.

Tony Theodoropolous


With other programs, I stopped working out after 6-8 weeks because I wasn't able to continue making gains. But over the last 18 months, thanks to CB ATHLETICS, a proper diet, supplementation, and workout regime, I have continued gaining lean mass while decreasing body fat.

Mike Brown


I use CB ATHLETICS and the programs over anything else. I am in the best shape right now and down to 12% body fat and dropping! Strength has increased as well even though I thought I had hit a plateau about a year ago.

Brock Appel



The advice on supplements has probably been the biggest help for me. The programs have helped me accomplish the goals I set for myself. For example, last summer I reached my all-time highest muscle weight. This was due to your advice on food intake, supplement use and finding the right program for me. The conditioning tips I received from CB ATHLETICS helped me get into shape this fall without the pain of "constant running".

Brad Wittig



www.cbathletics.com is a great website that I have used on a regular basis since returning to college last year in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm now studying Sports Science in London, England, and still depend on CB for information regarding all aspects of my course. I've known CB for over 15 years, and I can be sure that any material I use to prepare for an exam, or an assignment, is accurate and up to date.

Craig Bunting


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