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I've been lifting weights for 32 years, and during that time I've had short periods in which I made terrific gains. But I've never had the sustained increases in strength and power that I've seen in the six months since I've been using CB ATHLETICS training programs.

I'd never bench pressed more than 225 pounds, but recently got 245 and I feel confident that number will improve soon. My vertical jump has increased so much that I'm blocking shots in basketball for the first time in my life. While blocking a five-foot, ten-inch, 40-year-old magazine editor's set shot isn't the same as rejecting Kobe, it's still new to me. In short, I've accepted CB as my personal trainer. If my old muscles could learn new tricks, imagine what CB ATHLETICS could do for you!

Lou Schuler, Fitness Editor - Men's Health magazine, Author of The Testosterone Advantage Plan (TAP)


CB ATHLETICS is helping me achieve my own personal on-ice goals by helping me achieve my personal off ice goals. CB ATHELTICS cares about whether or not my goals are attained and it is clear that the focus is on me and achieving my goals. CB ATHLETICS' help, advice and specialized programs are very beneficial in my career toward becoming a professional athlete.

Jeremy Day, 3rd year OHL Goaltender, North Bay Centennials. Attended Fitness and Development camp as well as Training Camp with Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL.


CB Athletics provides practical, expert advice for athletes based on science and years of strength-training research and experience. It's an extremely valuable resource to anyone who wants to eat better, train better, and perform better. I've added 14 pounds of muscle with CB's nutritional advice and I finally got results with creatine supplementation.

Adam Campbell, Assistant Fitness Editor - Men's Health Magazine, Co-Author of The Testosterone Advantage Plan (TAP)



Having CB ATHLETICS involved in our basketball program was an exciting and rewarding experience for our players. It provided our players with a multitude of new skills, hard workouts and focused on developing sport-specific skills that would provide a competitive edge for our players. Each workout was packed with new activities and sessions of learning. Not only were the workouts designed to further develop sport-specific basketball skills and conditioning, but the sessions also improved awareness of proper nutrition, provided a personal training program and taught many life skills necessary for a complete game. In a competitive world where small things help make a difference between winning and losing, CB ATHLETICS' work with our team contributed to our overall success.

Chris Oliver, McMaster University Men's Basketball


The MASSIVE ACTION program is great. It breaks everything down from proper diet, to supplementation and workouts. Anyone who wants to put on some muscle or wants to shake up their workout should seriously consider this program as it offers everything you need to get big, but in short easy to understand sections.

Al Drucker



The Strength and Conditioning Program at McMaster University is quickly growing into one of the most recognized in Canada. CB ATHLETICS and Craig Ballantyne have played a key role in this development. The training techniques and nutritional information has helped varsity athletes at McMaster not only achieve, but also exceed their goals. In an industry that is constantly changing it is integral that Strength and Conditioning coaches be aware of the new research and its applications to athletes. I look forward to many more years of collaboration with CB ATHLETICS.

Tara Elston, McMaster University


The training advice and programs I have received from CB ATHLETICS have helped me make tremendous gains in all aspects of conditioning. In one summer CB ATHLETICS helped me add 20 pounds of lean mass while making improvements in my body control, speed, and quickness, which are the most important part of my position. CB ATHLETICS has also provided online coaching advice that has helped in my development as an athlete. The online aspect is like having your own personal trainer. I also get additional information dealing with the mental aspects of sport. For anyone who is looking to improve performance I encourage you to start training with the most innovative and up to date workouts available that are provided by CB ATHLETICS. Train hard, GO DIGGERS!

Brian Yureskes, defensive back, Colorado School of Mines


The advice I received from CB ATHLETICS is accurate and effective. CB ATHLETICS trained my soccer team in a manner which none of us had ever tried before, and the results were better than expected: I was feeling better during and after games than I ever had -- without having to run at practice for half an hour at a time. I found my recovery time from sprints, during the game, much shorter. It's the CB ATHLETICS sport-specific training method that I continue to use for myself, and the teams I coach, because it trains the body in minimal time, leaving more time for practicing skills.

The CB ATHLETICS mantra of "train smart" is one that I follow rigidly. I've seen better results using CB ATHLETICS' approach than any other advice I've followed: I feel stronger and maintain the degree of fitness I desire over the winter.

Finally, CB ATHLETICS maintains a dynamic approach to training, staying on top of the discipline and never advocating one single approach to getting fit. CB ATHLETICS is always offering the latest research and information and a variety of methods to improve performance. It isn't as much the credentials as the genuine and sincere approach to fitness for which I trust CB ATHLETICS instruction.

Steve McCallum



I'm an ice hockey player from Turkey. I needed to lose some fat and have been using the "turbulence training" for about 3 weeks. I've added 10 sets of speed and quickness drills to the program and so far I'm getting great results. I've lost 4 pounds of fat without a decrease in strength. I'm faster and have more endurance. I look forward to future CB training programs for hockey. Thank you. Keep up the great work!

Onur Polatoglu



I have had the privilege over the last few years to receive personal coaching from CB ATHLETICS. I am an avid athlete who unfortunately knows little about Kinesiology and the way the body works. It has been exciting working with CB ATHLETICS because CB can relate to the demands on an athlete while being able to provide precise feedback in a language that can be understood. It is amazing the value that a training program can to your sporting and personal life. CB ATHLETICS is definitely a champion builder!

Greg Matthison


Since I've read MASSIVE ACTION, I have definitely gained muscle. I have been concentrating a lot on eating, shooting for about 3000 calories a day. I wanted to get my calorie intake and training routine in check, before I started supplementation. I've gained 6 pounds since I started following the program (close to a pound a week!) and people have noticed that I am bigger now. The main things it taught me was getting my calorie intake up, and changing the types of exercises I was doing (less exercises but more intense).

Brad Landsborough



I gained 6 lbs, totally exceeding my expectations for the short time I have been on a CB ATHLETIC strength program! I have gone up in weight in all the bigger exercises, using more for the deadlift than I had ever before. Overall, I'm really happy with my progress thus far.

Scott Beattie




CB ATHLETICS provides an enormous amount of information to anyone interested in improving his/her fitness level. The company is extremely knowledgeable and is quick to respond to any questions an athlete might have. The advice has allowed me to make immense gains in my workouts.

Anthony Aiello, McMaster University Kinesiology Student.




While receiving some coaching for Powerlifting I learned that I had to put on some weight to improve my leverage and ultimately my strength. I had corresponded with CB ATHLETICS before, while researching an off season Hockey program for my son, and found very helpful information, so I purchased "MASSIVE ACTION". The program contains a vast amount of knowledge on all aspects of nutrition and training condensed into a user friendly, easy to read format. The supplement information is bodyweight specific, i.e. recommendations are in grams per kg of bodyweight. This is something sorely lacking from others! The Creatine recommendation was the first brand that actually worked for me! This alone was worth the price of the program. There are several training programs included that could help tremendously in putting on weight. These are not your typical bodybuilding magazine programs but rather proven mass building programs from fitness experts. Typical meal plans are included! Overall, "MASSIVE ACTION" is must for any athlete trying to add some muscle. Results? So far I have put on 8 lbs. in 6 weeks!

Len Johnson




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